Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grilled Salmon Balls

Just like Salmon Cakes but shaped into balls!

Photo by Bruce Barone
Mix together: 2 cups leftover grilled Sockeye Salmon; 1/4 cup shredded coconut; 1 small ear of cooked corn; 1 grilled, peeled, seeded Jalapeno pepper; 1/4 cup cooked Quinoa; 1/4 cup mayo; 1 egg, lightly beaten. Chill. Form into small balls. Grease aluminum foil (or grilling pan) and place balls on it. Heat grill to high. Place foil with balls on grill and cook till brown. Serve with a mayo, lemon, relish, hot sauce.

Great as a pick-up appetizer!


  1. Oh Mr. Bruce. These would be so much fun for a little party. I love what you send us. I am composing a book of your goodies. Richard at My Old Historic House.